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How to Play Roulette Online and Win?


Author of the publication: Jan Kaiser

Roulette has been attracting players to the casino for almost 300 years. Online roulette is one of the most popular and interesting games and it is no wonder that players start trying to find a way to beat the roulette using various betting systems and strategies for playing roulette.

The main goal of each strategy for playing roulette for fun of for money is to reduce the benefits of the casino and ultimately get the maximum profit. Throughout these 300 years, many players have developed different strategies for roulette win but only a few have become popular and most used due to their effectiveness. In general, good strategies to play online roulette reduce the advantages of casinos over players, and with the success, they bring good money.

The purpose of our website is to provide the readers with 2 winning strategies for roulette that will help players find a strategy suitable for them, learn how to play roulette free, how to bet, and ultimately win more.

How to Beat Roulette in Online Casino

The most important thing is to choose an honest site, because they are only a few. The rest only write about MD5, but in practice, they are empty.

We want to say at once that not all casinos are honest. And to be more precise, there are only several of them all over the Internet.

After finding a suitable casino to play roulette for free or for money, pay attention to 2 significant rules before the game:

  • Your income per day from one game account should not exceed 50-90% of your initial deposit, so as not to attract the attention of monitoring and control services.
  • Do not get carried away, do not bet on all your bankroll.
How to Play Roulette Online and Win

Main Varieties of Roulette

Many will find it strange that roulette has several varieties. But this is so, for example, European roulette and American roulette differ in the number of sectors. It is necessary to clearly distinguish three main types of this gambling entertainment - without zero, with one zero (Zero) and with two zeros (Zero and Double Zero, respectively). It may seem paradoxical, but adding one or two sectors radically changes the gameplay.

For example, the classic strategy of doubling the bet for a loss is only relevant when you play roulette online without zeros, in all its remaining varieties it is not applicable. And now add to the existing roulette varieties several ways to bet - and you will get several dozen types of the same game.

Two Best Strategies

Method 1. Use multiple accounts to win slowly and discretely

You need to have multiple accounts to close ones after a significant win. However, the casinos usually do not allow to have more than one account even to play free roulette. Nevertheless, there are 2 possible solutions here:

  1. Use someone’s account. There are always people who will loan you their account to get a share if you win. Or there are those who will create an account for you just for some price. You can find such offers at various forums or freelance websites.
  2. Use fake identity. This method cannot be called rather legal, but we have doubts that a prosecutor’s office is ready to spend $50k or so from the taxes just to punish you for such a misdeed. However, we do not persuade you to apply this option. Choose for yourself or play roulette for fun.

The main plus of the first method is that many gamblers can win and among them there can be 5 using this method and 100 applying some other losing strategies. So the casino will get its profit in any case and will not be alerted if 5 people win. The only drawback of this method is that it takes some time.

Method 2. Great wins in a short time.

This method is more suitable for an individual, than for multiple gamblers. You can use it once a month or about it. You should monitor when the wheel is most foreseen and bet high with a good bankroll. When the casino notice your wins, you will have already made a fortune. This is not beneficial to other players when the casino starts applying countermeasures, but you could have won hundreds of thousands already.

You can check our roulette strategies in a roulette free play in any online casino, playing for virtual money in a practice mode, and you will see how efficient and profitable they can be.

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