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How to Play Online Roulette Using Martingale System


Author of the publication: Jan Kaiser

The Martingale system dates back to the 18 century, which was a strategy developed by John Martindale and hence the name. John was a casino owner came up with this strategy for all the selfish reasons. He wanted players at his casino to lose more so that he can profit from their ignorance. However, the Martingale system is not all bad when it comes to online roulette betting. It comes with its pros and cons when you play roulette online. The betting strategy insists that when you lose a wager, you double the next bet until you win. Once you win, you start the cycle again in that order.

How to use Martingale system to win online roulette game

Martingale strategy offers quick and big wins for online roulette players. It is a fast way to play and win big within a few rounds, on top of being easy to apply. It is best suited to play roulette online or even land-based table games. Any player, even beginners can use this system to play roulette for fun. The goal here, for the online roulette player, is to win the biggest wager and lose the smallest one. For example, if you decide to place $1 wager and play online roulette when you lose, you double that bet to $2 in the next round. You will continue doubling in the subsequent rounds as long as you are losing until you win. Once you play and win, you go back to the $1 bet in the first round and the cycle continues.

Play Online Roulette Using Martingale System

How players can avoid losing big at online roulette

When you play online roulette, you do not want to stay in the game for too long. The longer you stay, the more you stand a chance of losing big. If you want to use Martingale system to play roulette online, then you have to limit the number of times you play the game online. The system seems to lure you into betting more, where you may lose more by playing more. This could wipe your bankroll within a few rounds when you lose more as you will be doubling your wagers every time you lose. Play roulette for fun online using the Martingale betting strategy and you will not have to worry about losing. This will help you to gauge the strategy for when you play roulette online for real money.

How to play roulette and counter Martingale system

There is the anti-Martingale system, which is a different betting strategy to Martingale system. It helps to protect you when you play online roulette. It states that you half the bet once you lose and double it once you win, in your subsequent bet. It counters the limitations of Martingale system of wagering.

As a new player at online roulette, you have to play the game online for fun, at the beginning. It helps you to play for free money online before you can deposit and test out the different roulette strategies before you commit to one.

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