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How to Play European Roulette Online


Author of the publication: Jan Kaiser

European online roulette differs from other varieties because it has a standard digital field with only one zero, which brings the winnings of the casino. This kind of game is firmly established in the arsenal of any casino because you always want to have roulette for fun and play something new, different from video slots.

What Are the Peculiarities of European Roulette

You will have a spinning wheel in front of you where 37 cells of different colors are arranged in a chaotic order. They are all numbered from 0 to 36. One half of them are red, and the second is black, and the sector with zero is colored in green. All numbers are arranged in a random order. The next thing you can see in European Roulette is a ball, which determines your winning or losing number.

On the sides of the wheel, there is a field consisting of 36 cells, signed in ascending order. You put chips on these cells if you play roulette online according to the rules of the bet on one number. In addition to inner stakes, there are also external ones. Their idea is that here you put a bet on a set of numbers that differ from each other by some classification, for example, by color – black or red, more than eighteen or less.

How to Learn to Play European Roulette

To learn how to play European roulette is very simple – you just need to get acquainted with the possible variety of bets offered to the player in roulette free play or for money. In total, all the bets in this game can be divided into two main categories – the so-called internal and external bets. You can bet on either one number or a set of numbers (for example, a bet on small/large covers eighteen numbers at once). Of course, depending on the number of cells covered by the bet, the chance of winning and the payout may differ. So, for example, when placing a bet on a single number, the player receives a payout from the ratio of 35 to 1 in the event of a win. A traditional bet on red/black or even/odd is paid from the ratio of 1 to 1. By the way, the casino advantage on roulette is minimum and it is only 2.63%.

How to Play European Roulette Online

You can play online roulette with the following types of bets:

  • Straight. European online roulette assumes that this is the bet on a specific number (from zero to thirty-six). This is the riskiest but also the most advantageous bet, as the coefficients for it are 1 to 35.
  • Split. Play roulette for fun and bet on two numbers. Naturally, the coefficients decrease and are 1:17. This is the bet that dominates when beginners play free roulette.
  • Street. Free play roulette with the bets on three numbers, and the coefficient is reduced to 1:11.
  • Square. Bets are placed on four numbers. The coefficient is 1: 8. This is one of the most interesting bets in free roulette game for fun. It is recommended to start playing roulette specifically with it.
  • Topline. You place bets on numbers 0, 1, 2 or 3, which are on the top line. The odds are the same as in square bet – 1:8.
  • Line. This bet can cover six numbers at a ratio of 1: 5. Also, it’s a good win for European roulette. You can play roulette for free with it.
  • Binaries: Bets on red or black; odd or even. Experts say that these two types of bets are best for beginners. It is advised to start playing for money. Bets on higher or lower numbers (from one to eighteen and from nineteen to thirty-six). This is also a bet for non-risk players. All these bets have the odds 1:1.
  • Dozen. Bets on the first, second or third dozen of the wheel (for example, from one to twelve). Odds are 1: 3. Those who want to take risks but do not dare to go for a greater risk can start with this bet.
  • Column. Allows selection of one of three columns of numbers with a coefficient of 1: 3.

Features of European Roulette on the Internet

Pay attention that from a graphical point of view, roulette in modern online casinos is practically no different from roulette in real gambling houses.

European Roulette has a pleasant and comfortable interface, traditional rules, and excellent functionality, not to mention such features as Instant, Rebet & Spin, Statistics Window or best online casino bonuses for playing roulette online.

With the Instant feature you can see the result of the round without any delays. Thanks to Rebet & Spin feature you proceed playing with the same bet without interfering with a game process. Statistics Window displays the last numbers drawn. And who would refuse to get an online casino bonus just for your desire to play roulette?

To sum up, it is worth remembering that no betting strategy will help you win at roulette, so do not fool yourself with illusions. Just play as you like and hope that today Ms. Fortuna will be supportive of you. And when this happens, do not test her patience for a long time and leave with a win!

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